Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ. -Galatians 6:2

Camden, Steve & Hollis Cobb

A Preparation in Empathy

“On November 10, 1990, I was diagnosed with brain cancer and told to get my affairs in order. Twenty-seven years later, with surgery, two years of chemotherapy and 30 rounds of radiation in my rearview mirror, I am feeling better than ever.

Many blessings have been showered upon me since the time doctors told me to prepare for death. I have served the church for 18 years and am the father of two wonderful sons. Everything that has happened over the course of my life has been a preparation in empathy for Cord of 3 Strands.

Sympathy is literally to ‘suffer (along) with’, which all good-hearted people are able to accomplish with those in need.

Empathy, on the other hand, is to experience another person’s pain as though it were your own. This is the gift I have received through this prison of cancer and the treatments that saved my earthly life.”

Reverend Steve Cobb
Founder and Executive Director

Invite Steve to speak!

Steve regularly speaks to civic, fellowship, Bible study and other groups. To have him speak to yours, just click here to contact him.

Steve has developed a leading edge methodology for aftercare with terminal cancer, where many patients outlive their prognoses by years. I highly recommend Medical Groups invite him to Present the Empathetic Approach at any Conference or Seminar.

Walter Fischer, MD, PhD
Lund, Sweden

Only a handful of remedies are as healing and comforting as honest, true, empathy in the struggle against terminal illness. I learned so when I got the chance to find out about the existence of Cord of 3 Strands.

Dr. Diego Morales Roccuzzo
Mendoza, Argentina

It’s our policy not to accept donations from the people we serve. All support comes from those who think that what we are doing is worthwhile. PLEASE consider a Gift today. Any amount will help us to continue our work with those diagnosed with Terminal Cancer.

C3S Board of Directors

Cord of 3 Strands is a 501(c)(3), nonprofit organization (EIN 47-5102481).

Dr. Jay Chambers

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Jay majored in animal science at N.C. State University and was accepted into the North Carolina State College of Veterinary Medicine in 1983. After graduating with honors in 1987, Dr. Chambers and his wife Beth moved to Charlotte, North Carolina. Dr. Chambers has now been practicing in the Charlotte area for over 30 years. Jay enjoys all aspects of veterinary medicine and has a special interest in dermatology and laser surgery. The enthusiasm Jay shows in everything he does is truly contagious. His wears his powerful faith proudly and will share the Gospel with anyone and everyone he senses needs to hear the Good News of Jesus.

His focus is Evangelism and cultivating friends and acquaintances to support Cord of 3 Strands.

Ms. Beth Kelly

Administrator, Office Manager, and Graphic Artist

Beth serves Cord of 3 Strands as Administrator, Office Manager, and Graphic Artist. She is a graduate of Clemson University. Beth serves as an inspiration to the rest of Cord of 3 Strands with her willingness to go above and beyond in the name of Jesus. Beth and her husband Rich live in Charlotte with their three children.

Susan Evans

Administrative Support

Susan serves C3S in a support role for a ministry close to her heart. She graduated from Georgia Tech in 1977, then moved to Charlotte when she married Bobby who she met at GT. They raised two sons while working in the construction industry. They now are enjoying grandparenthood to three!

Susan has been a Deacon and Elder in the Presbyterian Church and has found her calling, ministering to many elderly women over the last 12 years, assisting them with not only physical and mental needs but most importantly their spiritual needs.

Reverend Steve Cathcart

Pastor for over 30 years in Churches throughout Virginia

Steve was the Pastor of Carmel Presbyterian in Charlotte. Steve and his wife Margaret live in Fairfield, Virginia. They have both devoted their lives to sharing the power of Christ. Unknown are the number of people who have come to Christ or had their faith strengthened through Steve’s sermons or simply by coming into contact with him.

His focus as a Board Member is Pastoral support and development of relationships with Donors.

Marc McManeus

Owner of SoundPost Productions

His specialty and focus are Christian organizations. Marc’s clients include Proverbs 31, Calvary Chapel, First Presbyterian, and many of the other large congregations in the Charlotte region. Through this Ministry of audio the Gospel is being shared in this area and beyond. He is a life long Charlottean. Marc and his wife Jane have served their church and various Christian Ministries throughout the city.

His focus is the development of logos, tri-fold brochures, and creation of the Cord of 3 Strands website.