A Great Opportunity

Cord of 3 Strands has developed a methodology through our work with people who have been diagnosed with Terminal Cancer. This Empathetic Approach has succeeded beyond our wildest dreams in both extending and bringing joy back into the lives of our people. We are so excited about the success we’ve achieved that we want to share it with the world.

The goal is to teach what we are doing in 100 countries by 2030. We are currently speaking to Medical Groups, Civic Organizations, Religious Communities, and Politicians around the world about this work with people diagnosed with Terminal Cancer. Spain, Italy, and multiple groups in the United States have already extended invitations and been visited. Upcoming we are looking forward to speaking in South Korea, India, Brazil and in June of 2019 a Neurosurgical Convention in Mendoza, Argentina.

Other than expenses, there is no cost. If you are a decision maker, or in a position to make an introduction to someone in a decision making capacity regarding extending an invitation, it would be very much appreciated. Our promise is that learning this approach will positively impact people who have been diagnosed with Terminal Cancer.


Steve Cobb



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