For most of us this is a season of great joy

A little known but obvious reality is that the Holidays are extremely difficult for those with Terminal Cancer. This is particularly true the first year after diagnosis.

This is the time of year when families come together. Discussions will typically range from shared memories to upcoming milestone events like marriages, graduations, career changes, travel plans, and all things future oriented. For most of us this is a season of great joy.

Though it is never intentional, looking down the corridor of time brings to the forefront the shadow of death hanging over a loved one’s head. Cord of 3 Strands confronts our biggest challenge during the months following the Holidays. We see many people who seemed to be moving ahead falling back again. Thousand yard stares and despondency are the norm.

You may be asking yourself, what does this have to do with me? The answer is Cord of 3 Strands can operate best when we are fully funded. Any Gift, no matter the size, will assist in helping our work providing support, encouragement, and love (yes love) to those desperately in need.

Statistics show that 100% of us have lost a family member or close friend to the scourge of Cancer. It is gut wrenching to see someone you love waste away. We are uniquely equipped to comfort people diagnosed as Terminal because we have experienced this ourselves. A methodology has come out of these trials and tribulations. This Empathetic Approach has succeeded in extending lives and reintroducing our people to the notion that participating in life again is the way to happiness.

Please search your heart and give a Donation today.

Steve Cobb


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