“When my husband Will was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, I was gripped with feelings of powerlessness and fear. There was nothing in my control that could change the outcome. All I could think of were the graduations, weddings, and grandkids that Will and I might miss experiencing together. A friend gave me a brochure from Cord of 3 Strands that discussed the spiritual side of confronting a cancer diagnosis. I called C3S because I didn’t know where else to turn. It’s amazing! Will’s attitude after working with Steve has changed our entire family’s outlook. The cloud of depression over all of us has lifted. I feel God’s comfort every day.” – Stacey C.

“Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in our troubles, so that we may comfort others in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves have received from God.” (2 Corinthians 1:3-4)

Dear Friends,

Our Executive Director Steve Cobb was diagnosed with Terminal Brain Cancer 28 years ago. He has struggled with the emotions, physical challenges, and relational aspects surrounding all of it; including recurrences, divorce, and the family trauma of cancer on spouses and children. Through it all he is learning the blessing of dependence on extended family, friends, the medical and spiritual community, and most of all, the faithful companionship of Jesus Christ.

Currently, in all countries, a person with terminal cancer receives medical treatment and is sent to navigate the emotional and spiritual crisis on their own. We are honored to receive invitations from medical groups in other countries who are interested in our work. How incredibly exciting is the prospect of our empathetic approach being adopted and utilized all over the world!

In the three years since founding Cord of 3 Strands, Steve has accompanied 177 cancer patients. He is currently walking with 138 people who have been diagnosed with cancer. An average of 19 people between family and friends are impacted by the death of a loved one. Using that number, we have affected the lives of nearly 3,400 good people in our three years of existence. The C3S ministry is increasing the quality of life by helping our clients become more hopeful, encouraged and joyful through empathetic spiritual guidance.

Cord of 3 Strands is a 501c-3 non-profit ministry funded by contributions from donors. Our unique ministry is free of charge to all who seek help and is a gift of The Holy Spirit. The 2019 annual budget is $82,250.

We would greatly appreciate a donation to help Steve with this ministry.

In the abiding faith, hope and love of our Lord Jesus Christ,

Cord of 3 Strands Board Members:

Reverend Steve Cathcart, Dr. Jay Chambers and Marc McManeus

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